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Beautiful pictures of the Celtic world-- Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall, the Isle of Man, Brittany and Gallaecia.
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A’m caro i cared fy nghi. He who loves me let him love my dog. Old welsh Proverb
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Móra na maidine daoibh!** Good morning to you all!
**Irish Gaelic pronunciation is MOR-uh muh MA-jin-uh DEE-uv.
This picture is of a beautiful rainbow over County Clare, in the Burren, along the Atlantic coast. We’ve had 3 weeks of beautiful, sunny weather here in Ireland, until we reached Clare. It has been raining down, up and sideways each day, sometimes all day, and temps have been 59-61 for the highs.
Nevertheless, the Burren is one of my favorite parts of Ireland, no matter the weather.

Celtic shock and awe, using kilts, is usually a winning tactical move. Whether on ancient battlefields of old or in modern sports arenas, kilts have always provided maximum impact. (via Celtic Shock And Awe, With KILTS - Wild Eyed Southern Celt | Wild Eyed Southern Celt)


#Welsh word of the day: Heno/ #Tonight


John Coe, Floppy Fin, Nicola, Comet, Lulu, Moneypenny, Puffin Occasus

Further Reading into their population decline/pollutants:


Tintern Abbey, Wales by saffron_blaze on Flickr.


#Welsh word of the day: Clyd/ #Cosy


okay so i live in cardiff, and a requirement to live in this city is you must be a hardcore doctor who fan.

the tardis appears here and there in random locations…


we have a giant snake-like warehouse called the doctor who experience


you go in the tardis and the doctor helps you navigate…


you get attacked by daleks 


and the weeping angels (which is scary as fuck)


and the signs to find it are brilliant…



Sheepdog in Snowdonia.

Barney scouting for sheep while out on a mid-winter hike in the beautifully bleak mountains of Snowdonia National Park, North Wales.

Old plaster ram’s head above shop in Kenmare, Ireland
#Ireland #Ram #Kerry

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